Sexual Harassment


Statement on Sexual Harassment, and Other Forms of Harassment, and Sexual Assault

Investing in science, technology, engineering, and education for the Nation’s future necessitates a safe environment, free of any form of harassment, that fosters equal opportunity for all. 

It is NSF policy to foster harassment-free environments wherever science is conducted, including at NSF-sponsored conferences and workshops. 

Sexual or other forms of harassment in any NSF funded conference, workshop or research setting are not acceptable.

2023 Research Infrastructure Workshop attendees, whether in-person or virtual, should inform NSF if you become aware of unlawful discrimination or harassment at this workshop or in any NSF-funded program at (703) 292-7020 or at If you wish to file a formal complaint, please use the online NSF Awardee Program Complaint Form. For more information on the NSF’s Civil Rights Compliance program, please refer to

Emergencies And Immediate Assistance

If security or emergency assistance is required, please immediately contact local law enforcement or emergency services.   

For all non-emergency matters that need immediate attention, please contact a conference organizer or staff member in person, by email or other electronic means.

  • All in-person conference organizers will have the designation “Conference Staff” on their badge.
  • Email complaints may be made to: This email will be monitored by a staff member throughout the workshop.
  • Conference staff may call local law enforcement or emergency services, if necessary.