The National Science Foundation’s Research Infrastructure Office is pleased to offer this year’s Research Infrastructure Workshop both in-person and virtually. Virtual attendees will have access to all the same session content as in-person attendees. We will be using a platform called Whova to facilitate the hybrid event.

Before the Workshop

Shortly before the workshop, registrants will gain access to the event’s Whova web application. You may use the Whova app on your desktop or your phone, however, we recommend virtual attendees use the desktop application for the best experience. You’ll be able to access the event by logging in with the email you used during registration. We suggest logging into the event app in advance of the workshop to review session presentations, check out speakers and other attendees, and participate in icebreaker activities.

During the Workshop

Virtual attendees must login to Whova to participate in the workshop. All sessions will be streamed to the app. Within the app, attendees will have opportunities to: 

  • Watch all live conference sessions 
  • Ask presenters questions 
  • Participate in the Community Leaderboard Contest  
  • Meet-up or network with other workshop attendees 
  • Take live polls and provide session feedback 
  • Chat with other attendees 
  • Present a Poster (if desired)

Attendee User Guide

Want more details about how to use Whova? Check out this guide for additional information.