Benefits of Presenting a Poster

Presenting a Poster is a Great Opportunity To
  • Engage with other workshop attendees who are interested in the same subject/discipline as yourself. This could lead to future collaboration.
  • Disseminate your work among the research infrastructure community.
  • Receive helpful insights into your work or research.

In addition, your poster will be published on NSF’s Research Infrastructure Knowledge Gateway, where it may be referenced.

Poster Session Format

These poster sessions will be relatively informal. We recommend preparing a 1-2 minute explanation of your poster, and being ready to engage with participants about your topic.

What Topic Should I Choose?

The posters can be on scientific research, about your facility, or about your operational processes or best practices. This is an opportunity to highlight your facility and its work.

Preparing for a Poster Session

Do you have questions about how to create a poster, or are you not sure what to expect at a poster session? Here are some articles to give you an idea of how to create a poster as well as some example posters.

In-Person or Virtual?

In-Person Poster Session

We encourage all in-person attendees to present their poster in-person at the workshop in Washington, DC on Wednesday, June 28 at 4:15pm EST.

Virtual Poster Session

There will also be a virtual poster session on Wednesday, June 28 at 12pm. All attendees (virtual and in-person) may sign up to participate. The virtual poster session will be held on a platform that enables presenters to directly interact with attendees in real time. An optional virtual training session for presenters will take place before the workshop.

Competition and Voting

During this year’s workshop, all attendees will have the opportunity to cast their vote for all of the posters displayed at the event, including both the in-person and virtual ones. The voting will take place on the event app. The different categories for voting will be announced during the workshop, so stay tuned!

Deadlines, Shipping, and Other Logistics

Poster Submission Deadlines

June 5: Preliminary Poster Information

  • Preliminary poster titles and abstracts for both in-person and virtual posters are due on June 5. Please fill out the Preliminary Poster Submission Form below before that date.

June 26: Upload Poster to the Event App

  • If you completed the Preliminary Poster Information Form above by the deadline of June 5, you can upload your virtual poster to the event app.
  • All materials for virtual posters must be uploaded to the event app by Monday, June 26.
  • In addition, in-person poster presenters wishing to take part in the various poster competitions must also upload a PDF version of their poster by June 26.

See the video below on how to upload poster content to the event app.

Note: PDFs uploaded to the event app must be 10MB or smaller.

In-Person Posters

Posters should be printed directly onto foam poster board that is 24 inches by 36 inches. Event staff will provide easels.

Please note that all attendees will be responsible for shipping (or hand delivering) their poster to the 2023 Research Infrastructure Workshop. If you wish to have your poster shipped to another location at the conclusion of the workshop, please include a pre-paid shipping label with your poster in the original shipment.

Please ship your poster (no earlier than June 22) to:

To: Montrell Cole
Washington Marriott at Metro Center Hotel
775 12th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005

From: {Poster Presenter’s Name}
June 25, 2023

There is a local FedEx situated inside a nearby Hyatt Hotel if you plan to print your poster locally.

Virtual Posters

Prior to the Workshop, you will be sent a unique link to your virtual poster where you can build it yourself in the event app. See the video below on how to build your poster in the event app. 

Your virtual poster may include the following materials: 

  • Two PDFs (10MB each)
  • Cover Photo
  • Additional Photos (up to 50)
  • Logo
  • Recorded Video Link

For more information on presenting a virtual posters, visit the Artifact Presenter Guide. Note: Not all features in this guide will be enabled for the workshop.

This year we will be holding a virtual poster training session, as well as providing a recording of this training and additional instructional videos, to help virtual presenters become comfortable with the virtual platform and answer any questions.

Email communications will be sent out with the date and time of this training session to all virtual poster presenters.


Any questions about the workshop poster sessions may be directed to:

How To Submit Your Virtual Poster

All poster presenters will receive a unique link prior to the workshop to submit their virtual poster and description. Watch the video below for instructions on how to submit or edit your poster within the event app.

Presenting Your Virtual Poster

Virtual Session Details

On the day of the virtual poster session (Wednesday, June 28), you will be able to join the poster session 15 minutes before the session starts at 12:00pm EST

Please join early for A/V checks. To join the poster session, log into the event app and navigate to the Agenda tab in the side menu, then the Posters sub-tab. Click on your Poster, which will be titled “My Poster”.

During the live session, you can: 

  • Share your screen
  • See raised hands in the audience
  • Unmute participants so they may ask a question
  • Interact with attendees in the chat/Q&A function
  • You may have up to seven other presenters for your poster (note that only one presenter can share their screen at a time)
  • Up to eight users may have video and microphone access at a time
Preview of a Virtual Poster Session

To get an idea of what the virtual poster session will look like from a presenter’s perspective, please watch the short video here

The virtual poster training session will aim to prepare presenters for exactly what you will encounter during the live session.

Technical Tips

Browser and Settings

We will be using the event app, Whova, to stream the virtual poster session. We recommend that you verify the browser settings below prior to joining the virtual session:

  • Chrome is the recommended browser.
  • Update to the most recent version of Chrome.
  • Allow camera and video in the Chrome browser (see image below).
In Case of Technical Difficulties
  • It can help to close other tabs, browsers and programs while streaming the live session. It also may help to hardwire your Internet connection, instead of using a wireless network connection.
  • If you are having trouble hearing the webinar audio, check the volume on your computer and on your video player.
  • If your computer screen freezes, please refresh your browser.
  • Close and re-open Whova. When reopening, make sure to allow camera and video in the Chrome browser.
  • Other troubleshooting and frequently asked questions can be found here: