Trusted CI, the NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

“Trusted CI (NSF Award #1920430) is the NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence. Our mission is to lead in the development of an NSF Cybersecurity Ecosystem with the workforce, knowledge, processes, and cyberinfrastructure that enables trustworthy science and NSF’s vision of a nation that is a global leader in research and innovation. Our team includes cybersecurity experts with decades of experience working in science and engineering communities that have an established track record of usable, high-quality solutions suited to the needs of those communities. The team draws from best operational practices and includes leaders in the research and development of new methodologies and high-quality implementations.

To follow through on our mission, Trusted CI meets the needs of individual cyberinfrastructure projects and Major Facilities through engagements, education, outreach, training, and dissemination of experiences. At the same time, Trusted CI advances the state of cybersecurity practice across the community by analyzing gaps in cybersecurity technology to provide guidance to researchers and developers, addressing the application of software assessment to complicated cyberinfrastructure software stacks, and fostering broadly the transition of cybersecurity research to practice. The purpose of our poster is to introduce ourselves to RI workshop attendees who may not know of our mission and work, to network with members of the cybersecurity community, and to advertise our cybersecurity workshop on Friday afternoon. More information about Trusted CI can be found at ”


Jim Basney, Director, Trusted CI LinkedIn


September 14, 2022