Mastering the Art of High-Quality FCAs

Facility Condition Assessments (FCAs) are instrumental in strategic facility management, providing valuable insights into the condition and health of facilities. High-quality FCA’s go beyond the conventional scope of assessing building structures and encompass the assessment of scientific equipment and instruments, staffing considerations, climate resiliency, and accurate costing to implement repairs or replace scientific equipment.
In this poster, we highlight how the Aerospace Corporation has executed Facility Condition Assessments at facilities with complex scientific equipment to ensure the results provide meaningful value for future operations.
Our poster aims to showcase the added value of a high-quality, tailored FCA over a standard commercial assessment. By encompassing scientific equipment and instrumentation assessment, staffing considerations, climate resiliency, and accurate costing, a tailored FCA enables comprehensive facility management strategies, improved decision-making, and long-term sustainability for research and innovation.”



Theresa Bonafede, Member of the Technical Staff, The Aerospace Corporation LinkedIn

Uzair Irfan, Senior Project Engineer, The Aerospace Corporation LinkedIn


June 28, 2023