Part III: Mid-scale Project Performance Management

Experienced Project Management experts will close out the webinar series by covering the remaining components of the PEP, and highlight performance management techniques that are scalable and tailorable to satisfy NSF requirements with efficiency, while also satisfying NSF’s statutory obligations for managing and oversight of Mid-scale RI projects.

Topics covered will include:

  • PEP Component 2: Project Organization
  • PEP Component 8: Configuration/Change Control Plan
  • PEP Component 14: Reports and Reviews
  • PEP Component 16: Closeout
  • PEP Component 10: Project Controls and general guidance on performance management including EVM

April 25, 2023

Roland Roberts, Deputy Chief Officer for Research Facilities, Office of the Director (OD), National Science Foundation (NSF)
Matthew Hawkins, Head, Large Facilities Office
Mark Warner, Project Manager, National Solar Observatory (NSO)
Carol Wilkinson, Associate Project Manager, Cornell University