NEON Program Asset Lifecycle Management

NEON Program Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) encompasses an Observatory-wide, holistic coordination to address asset condition and a plan to maintain and support the Observatory to meet its mission. This process kicks off with Plan, Evaluate, Select and Procure activities to Deploy and Track activities, then respectfully, Maintain, Repair and Refurbish activities to Replace/Upgrade activities, and finally the cycle ends with Warehouse and Disposition activities. This is implemented via a risk based framework with oversight through Integrated Product Teams. Products of this effort include establishing clear lines of accountability and delineation of priority; filtering and determining management priorities and upgrade activities as the project evolves and matures in 1-, 5-, 10-year strategic roadmaps.


Madeline Cavileer, Senior Technical Writer, Battelle (NEON) LinkedIn


September 14, 2022