Major Facility Innovations and Technology Transfer – Overview

This community-led discussion identified a path forward to develop good practices for conveying the socioeconomic benefit from NSF Research Infrastructure investments on the broader U.S. innovation ecosystem and the economy. This included follow-up discussion from 2017 Large Facilities Workshop on a tailored, volunteer questionnaire for the academic institutions and non-profits that operate NSF’s major facilities. The questionnaire was based on NSF’s Business R&D and Innovation Survey (BRDIS) and other efforts currently underway in Europe. The outcomes help inform NSF how to develop communications tools like those used successfully by DOE, NASA and other NSF Programs.

Presented on May 2nd at the 2018 Large Facilities Workshop.

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Major Facility Innovation Socioeconomic Impact (2018)

Drew Weisenberger

Chief Technology Officer, Jefferson Lab


Rich Leonard

Vice President, Research Infrastructure, Battelle


Matthew Hawkins

Head, Large Facilities Office, NSF Large Facilities Office of Budget, Finance & Award Management