Evolving Safety Topics

Part I: Safety by Design
This session presents an overview of the Prevention through Design concept and its positive impact on preventing and reducing occupational injuries, illnesses, and fatalities through implementing prevention considerations in the initial stages of designing or redesigning facilities, equipment, systems, and work processes.

Part II: Safety Plans for Extreme Climate Events
Through examples of adverse weather conditions and real situations, we will show how to prevent risks to infrastructure and people through preventive plans. Finally, an open discussion will be opened to comment on other weather events and preventive measures.

Part III: Environmental Condition & Impact to Staff Safety
In recent years, heat waves and wildfires have increased in intensity. Those increases have posed additional risks for employees that work outside. As a result, OSHA and multiple states have adopted measures directed at providing employees additional protection against the hazards posed by excessive heat and wildfire smoke.


Reva Golden, EHS Specialist / Industrial Hygienist, UCAR  LinkedIn

Bob Wiley, Director of Employee and Workplace Safety, UCAR  LinkedIn

Zade Arnold, Sr. Environmental Health & Safety Technician, Kitt Peak National Observatory, NoirLab LinkedIn

Danny Sellers, Head Safety Officer, LIGO LinkedIn

Giovanni Corvetto, Safety, Health and Environment Manager, Vera C. Rubin Observatory, NSF’s NOIRLab LinkedIn


June 30, 2023