EPO/E and Comms Snapshot Across NSF Research Infrastructure

There are many exciting activities taking place in EPO/E and communications across the facilities. This session includes a series of short presentations highlighting innovative projects currently being implemented at the NSF facilities.

Presentations from various NSF-funded facilities



Tishanna Ben, Hawaii Education and Public Outreach (EPO), National Solar Observatory LinkedIn

Yasmin Catricheo, STEM Educator Scholar, Associated Universities Inc. LinkedIn

Lars Christensen, Head of Communications, Education & Engagement, NSF's NOIRLab LinkedIn

Becca Hatheway, Interim Director, UCAR Center for Science Education LinkedIn

Jim Madsen, Executive Director, Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center LinkedIn

Caroline McNiel, Deputy Director of Public Affairs, Florida State University (FSU), MagLab Evy LinkedIn

Evy McUmber, Educational Designer, National Center for Atmospheric Research LinkedIn

Evan Pascual, Communications and Public Information Specialist, AURA-NSO LinkedIn


June 29, 2023