Energy Improvements and Alternative Funding Options

Participants learned how DOE’s successful Federal Energy Management Program can finance energy-saving initiatives without up-front capital costs. Benefits to NSF major facilities included up-front funding without additional appropriations, guaranteed cost savings and performance, and freeing up money for science. NSF major facility case studies were discussed, including examples funded via NSF Research and Related Activity funding for facility Operations and Maintenance versus DOE’s Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs).

Presented on May 1st at the 2018 Large Facilities Workshop.

Scott Wolf

Federal Project Executive, Oakridge National Laboratory



Tom Hattery

Federal Project Executive, Oakridge National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy



Richard Oram

Operations Manager, California Institute of Technology- LIGO Livingston Observatory


Rob Reid

Director, Facilities Management, Safety and Sustainability, UCAR



Kevin Porter

Large Facilities Advisor, Large Facilities Office, NSF Office of Budget, Finance & Award Management