In the Trenches of an Effective Cybersecurity Program

Cybersecurity and cyberinfrastructure professionals at our major and mid-scale facilities are engaged in programs of continuous process improvement, aimed at enhancing the resilience of national scale research infrastructure. This is always overlooked in our doomscrolling culture focused on successful cyberattacks. At this session, you’ll hear professionals from several facilities discuss some of the successful steps they’ve taken to mature their cybersecurity programs, as well as some of the challenges they faced and overcame along the way.


Jeffrey Glatstein, Senior Manager of Cyberinfrastructure, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Sam Chan, IT Director and Information Security Officer, GMTO

Efren Sandoval, Senior Systems Administrator and Cybersecurity Analyst, GMTO

Mike Wilson, NAN Cybersecurity Lead, Network for Advanced NMR (NAN)


Thursday, March 28, 2024