CyVerse: Transforming Science Through Data Driven Discovery

CyVerse is a provider of cohesive and extensible cyberinfrastructure that meets the needs for global academic research communities, national defense projects, health care research, and commercial organizations. Our CI supports a wide diversity of users from students, domain experts, developers, and IT professionals. CyVerse provides:

  • Public CyVerse global academic research and teaching
  • On-prem deployments and cloud deployments
  • Security compliance (HIPPA, ITAR, ISO, etc.)
  • Federation with on-prem and commercial cloud, data storage, and HPC resources
  • Integration with local user identity management systems.
  • Zero-effort collaboration for data-driven projects across organizational boundaries
  • Support for cloud-native technologies and resources
  • Extensible and well-documented APIs
  • Build and engaged communities of diverse users
  • Extensive training materials and sharing of best practices

Eric Lyons, Professor, The University of Arizona LinkedIn


September 14, 2022