Understanding Synapses in the Brain

Synapses are the tiny points of communication between neurons in the brain that mediate all thoughts and actions. Variance in synapses is not known; not for their dimensions, connectivity, or content across cell types, brain regions, species and taxa. Knowledge is needed to assess if model systems represent human brain synaptic functions. Current approaches are limited by resolution, inefficient and insufficient data collection, analysis bottlenecks, and the use and dissemination of data and knowledge. Discussions included progress made to address these limitations through a collaboration between scientists and cyberinfrastructure experts at the University of Texas-Austin, TACC, and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies.

Presented on April 5th at the 2019 Large Facilities Workshop.

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Cyberinfrastructure Understanding Synapses in the Brain (Harris, 2019)

James Carson

Manager, Life Sciences Computing – Research Acceleration, Texas Advanced Computing Center