CI Compass Student Fellowship Program to Increase Student Participation with Cyberinfrastructure Research and Development

This poster presents preliminary observations from the pilot year and plans for future development of the CI Compass Fellowship Program (CICF) that was created to broaden student participation in cyberinfrastructure research and development. CICF is part of the CI Compass project, which is the National Science Foundation (NSF) Cyberinfrastructure Center of Excellence, created to provide support and enhance the data lifecycle of NSF Major Facilities (MFs). CICF provides undergraduate students a 12-week technical and research training program during the Spring Semester and a hands-on project-based learning experience for the summer semester. CI Compass piloted the CICF program during the Spring and Summer of 2022, and plans to expand Major Facility and Faculty Mentor involvement in the program for Spring 2023 and beyond.


Angela Murillo, Indiana University, CI Compass, Co-PI LinkedIn

Nicole Virdone, Project Manager, CI Compass LinkedIn


September 15, 2022